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About this course

Elementary physics course, covering basic concepts, goals and history of physics. Subject subjects will include selected topics in mechanics, heat, light, sound, electricity and magnetism, and modern physics.


With the help of tutors, students will be able to exploring the role of science, and especially, physics, in helping us better understand the complex and technological society of which we are a part. It also trace the history of physics and the emergence of scientific thought from ancient times to modern times. This course define and analyze the following mentioned concepts . Students will have to discuss the different types of motion, Newton’s Laws, the laws of physics and magnetism. The characteristics of the waves and the basic principles of atom and nuclear physics, relationships and quantum theory and solve a variety of basic problems in particle kinematics, the ability to use Newton’s Laws of Motion and energy conservation laws, thermodynamics, wave motion, basic electricity, and the decay of radiation as well as interpret the results of simple exercises and physical activity demonstrations.

Content list of this Course

  1. What is physics?
  2. Branches of Physics
  3. Importance of Physics in Daily Life
  4. Measurements in physics
  5. Measuring Instruments
  6. Kinematics of Linear Motion
  7. Motion and Force
  8. Vectors
  9. Equilibrium
  10. Circular Motion
  11. Gravitation
  12. Work, Power, Energy
  13. Mechanics
  14. Properties of Matter
  15. Heat
    1. Thermal properties
    2. Transformation
  16. Oscillations and Waves:
    1. Harmonic motions and waves
    2. Sounds transformation
    3. Optics
  17. Nature of Light
  18. Law
    1. Coulomb and Ohm’s laws
  19. Electricity and Magnetism
    1. Electrostatics
    2. Current Electricity
    3. Electromagnetism
    4. Introductory Electronics
  20. Transmission of Radio waves through space
  21. Atomic and Nuclear Physics
  22. Radioactivity
    1. Alpha Beta and Gamma Rays
    2. Life of Element

Cambridge IGCSE Physics

  1. General physics
  2. Thermal physics
  3. Properties of waves
  4. light and sound
  5. Electricity and magnetism
  6. Atomic physics


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Week 2
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